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Liam Company provides various services related to exports, imports, and customs clearance of goods from different countries.


With years of international experience, Liamgt team is trying to provide the best services to its dear customers by employing professional and expert forces in Dubai.


Liam Company offers services to Iranian exporters shipping goods to Dubai. Custom clearance of export items from Iran to Dubai and their delivery to the desired trade location is Liam’s expertise.

Customs clearance of goods transported from various countries like China, Germany, etc. in Dubai, and then forwarding these goods to Iran is another service provided by Liam Company. They can handle the customs clearance of these goods in Dubai and export them to Iran using various transportation methods, including sea freight.

Liam Company specializes in sourcing the desired products from manufacturers and importers. They can find suitable purchases for your export items produced in Iran and facilitate their sale abroad.

Liam Company offers fund transfers for purchasing goods and determining competitive currency exchange rates in the shortest time possible for various countries like China, Japan, and European countries. They also provide the possibility of purchasing documentary credits from banks.

Sea freight:

   – Shipping Iranian export goods from Iran to Dubai.

   – Shipping goods to Iran via container ships.

   – Transporting border traders’ share (traders using traditional boats).

Air freight:

   – Air freight of goods from China to Dubai, China to Iran, and Dubai to Iran.

   – Same-day air delivery from Dubai to your address.

Liam Company can receive your desired goods in Dubai and deliver them to you in Iran within a short time, often within 24 hours.

In international trade, cross-stuffing refers to moving goods from one container to another. Liam Company offers this service in two ways:


Cross-stuffing of Iranian export goods:

Due to sanctions against Iran, many Iranian export items should not have any trace of Iranian origin and certificates. Therefore, cross-stuffing is performed in Dubai to change the certificate of origin.


Cross-stuffing of imported goods to Iran:

Some Iranian traders cannot declare Iran’s name, export invoices, and pro forma invoices when importing goods from certain countries. Direct shipment of these goods to Iran is not possible. Liam Company takes these goods to Dubai, performs cross-stuffing, and sends them to Iran in a new container.

During the process of purchasing goods, there is a concern that the received items may not match the ordered products in terms of quantity and quality. Liam Company takes on the responsibility of verifying the accuracy of the purchased goods, ensuring buyers in other countries that the received goods conform to the ordered items in all aspects.

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